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Contact Lenses

We offer suitability trials on most types of contact lenses so you can fully evaluate the lenses before deciding to proceed.

Contact lenses have become increasingly popular over the years as new technology has made them more comfortable and easier to wear. People choose to wear contact lenses for various reasons. Those who take part in sport, especially contact sports can still enjoy good eyesight even when not wearing glasses. Others may choose to wear them at work or at social occasions when they don’t want to wear their glasses. And some just prefer wearing their contact lenses to putting on glasses.

Whatever the reasons for wearing contact lenses, wearing them means you can enjoy good eyesight without having to wear your glasses.

Soft Contact Lenses

Rigid Contact Lenses

Types of contact lenses

Contact lenses can be bought as daily or monthly disposable. Dailies are disposed of each night before you go to bed. Monthlies are stored in a solution in a container which comes with them overnight or on any days they are not worn.

When being prescribed lenses you will be shown how to put them in the eye and how to take them out. You will also be advised on the correct handling of the lenses and wearing times.

At first contact lenses can take some getting used to so at first wearing times are short. Over time you will find yourself being able to build up on wearing time.

Monthly Disposables

  • This option allows you comfort and ease of maintenance at an affordable price: from just £12 per month.
  • Toric (to correct astigmatism) and varifocal types also available.
  • Latest Silicone Hydrogel lenses fitted, which both increase oxygen transmission & comfort.

Daily Disposables

  • The ultimate "no hassle" lenses, wear them once and then discard.
  • No cleaning or disinfection required.
  • Ideal for every day or just whilst playing sports or socialising.
  • Reasonable cost: from just £1 per day.
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Monthly Subscription

Both Monthly & Daily Disposable lenses can be paid for by monthly standing order once the initial supply has been purchased. Patients selecting this option benefit from the following:

FREE Eye Examination every two years (after initial consultation).

Unlimited FREE aftercare checkups.

20% discount off both spectacle frames & lenses.

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