Womens sunglasses - Tom Ford, Ted Baker, Joules, Vanni, Silhouette

Women's Sunglasses

For those sunny days when you are out in the garden, on the beach or driving, Partridge Opticians offer stylish womens sunglasses sure to satisfy your needs. Among our stylish range you can choose from renowned designer brands such as Tom Ford, Ted Baker, Joules, Cocoa Mint, Silhouette and more.

Prescription women’s sunglasses

If you already have a prescription for glasses we can meet your requirements. We provide Single Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal sunglasses with prices starting from as low as £60.00. Also should you purchase glasses from us for regular use (clear lenses) you can buy a pair of prescription tinted single vision lenses from just £40.00. Alternatively we can put tinted lenses into the Budget Range of Partridge Opticians glasses.

Photochromic lenses

For those who cannot be bothered with the inconvenience of changing glasses when the sun goes in or when they go in indoors we have the perfect solution – photochromic lenses. These types of lenses darken quickly when you are out in the sun and lighten quickly when the goes in or you go indoors. In short they offer the best of all worlds, acting as both regular and sunglasses and you don’t even have to change them. They are available as single vision lenses, bifocals and varifocals.

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